Last Updated: 2018-05-27

What the heck is this?

iOS Dev Recipes is a starting point for developers working on iOS apps. I wanted to share my personal collection of hard-to-remember snippets, links and tips-and-tricks for iOS development with a larger audience. I also find it handy to have a fast and easilly scannable single page for getting to specific topics, documentation and the like. Some of these things have never existing in their current form1 (to my knowledge) such as a single page listing of all of the environment variables and launch options that are available to use when running apps through Xcode.

Inspired by the likes of NSHipster, and with a focus on being a fast reference over in-depth coverage.

This site is built and maintained by Dave Lyon and Traboule Software using GatsbyJS and Zurb Foundation.


Can I contribute or suggest new ideas?

Absolutely! My goal is to get a better organization system in place, and eventually open source the data sources that are used to generate the site. This will also (eventually) mean that you can make your own private/public version.

For the moment, I'm focused on understanding my own usage (and yours) better to ensure that things don't get too messy, so I'm only accepting suggestions, which you can send via Twitter.

Can I hire you?

Sure! Get in touch:

[1] To the best of my knowledge

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